Project Description


Technical Data

Location: Jaguariúna, SP – Brasil

Type of Construction: Complexo de Lazer

Site area: 5080 m²

Building area: 6880 m2

Project Beginning: 2012

Construction completion: 2019


Authors: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz

Coordinators:  Ana Paula Barbosa, Gabriel Mota, Luciana Bacin, Sonia Gouveia

Contributors: Carmem Procópio, Carolina Matsumoto, Fabiana Kalaigian, Joel Bages, Juliana Fernandes, Juliana Nohara, Mirella Fochi, Vera Silva

Interns: Fernanda Silva, Fernanda Veríssimo, Flávia Theodorovitz, Frederico Branco, Gabriela Eberhardt, Luiza  Leptich, Nara Diniz, Otávio Araújo Costa, Pedro Ocanhas, Rafael Colombo, Rodrigo de Moura, Rodrigo Oliveira

Photographer: Rafaela Netto

Constructor: MGM Construtora

Metal Structure Project: Alaxis

Concrete Structure Project: Cid Guimarães

Electrical and Plumbing Installation: Kit Projeto

Landscape Designer: Marcelo Novaes

Climatization: Willem Scheeepmaker

Decoration: Débora Aguiar

A decisive factor for the concept of this project was the narrow, long terrain, on a soft slope, with its largest face looking towards the lake. Also, the fact of being in a closed townhouse made fences and walls unnecessary.

Three linear, non-parallel, blocks implanted in the middle height, with concrete structure and closure mostly in glass and metallic brises organize the main program of the club: party room, kids room, access hall, gymnastics room, changing rooms and spa, as well as living spaces.

The game room is located on the top of these volumes, as well as the walkway that links the street to the building, from where one can glimpse the beautiful lake. All other rooms are below the street level, giving greater privacy to the users and contact with the land and the lake.

A large metal structure with wood lining covers the upper floor and makes the whole complex look substantial. Sports courts and the pool complex are on the sides of the club.