Project Description

Musical Conservatory

Technical Data

Location: Tatuí – SP, Brasil

Type of Construction: Institutional

Site area: 7.690m²

Building area: 7.233m²

Project Beginning: 2013


Authors: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz

Coordinators: Renata Davi

Contributors: Laurent Troost

Interns: Marina de Almeida

The famous brasilian architect Lucio Costa, the man who designed Brasilia, said once that “Architecture and Music are magnets, both manipulating time and space.” Music operates and organizes sound in time, but when displayed, it’s in the space that she finally ‘happens’. The space that we proposed for the conservatory is a space that emphasizes the collective sense of music and puts the new building at the heart of urban life. The very sense of collectivity, that should be implicit in the function of any school, comes to be added to the sense of sharing, which is essential to the music. And the school thus becomes city, is opened to it and creates spaces that invite and embrace living inside.

Large linear slabs were designed in a way that allows different changes in the future. Ramps and stairs pervert the simple linearity of the slabs. The open circulations create a large audience that sees both the big suspended auditorium and the small stage over the coffee area.

The large linear building creates a sequence of open spaces, and are also proposed to conect two of the other pre-existing buildings: an auditorium and a large theater.

Ground Floor

Ocupation Diagram

Comfort Diagram