Project Description

Loft in Itaim

Technical Data

Location: São Paulo – SP, Brasil

Type of Construction: Residential Multiple Unit

Site area: 2.512,01 m²

Building area: 20.545,09 m²

Project Beginning: 2015


Authors: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz

Coordinators: Ana Paula Barbosa

Contributors: Carolina Matsumoto, Juliana Nohara, Lígia Meirelles

Interns: Cláudia Bicudo, Fernanda Silva, Rodrigo de Moura

Established in one of the most valued places in the city, this enterprise has a permanent view to the park across the street and towardsa low-density green neighborhood.

The program is a high-endresidential condowith duplex and triplex apartments ranging between 882 and 1066 m² per unit. The building has two volumes remarkably vertical: the south tower, discreet and elegant containing the services and bedrooms, and the north tower, whichstands as a counterpoint to the seriousness of its neighbor and is composed of horizontal ‘slices’ with different sizes and shapes, and accommodates the living rooms, balconies, mezzanines and terraces.

Protected from the noise of the Pinheirosfreeway, these ‘slices’ are generous spaces and establish a perception of continuity between the interiors spaces and the landscape. Manipulated in order to obtain the maximum use of FAR, it observes a mandatory progressive setback andexplores the views around it, fitting a commercial strategy of maximizing the sales area without compromising the architectural quality.

The setbacks and views became an energy-efficient strategy: the alternate slabs create rich spaces that, at the same time, work as a gigantic louver system, shadowing the north façade of the building and minimizing the sun impact on the west – exactly where the best view is. Consequently, it allows the living rooms to be completely transparent spaces, opened towards the landscape, and the balconies to be fluid spaces emphasizing the contrast with the south tower.

The south tower is a concrete monolith with projected slabs on the bedrooms that function as overhanging eaves and, at the same time, as balconies. Beneath this vertical tower, a horizontal volume is cantilevered, forming a suspended pool with a glass border on the front. In thissame level, other leisure facilities are placed: sauna, gym and a solarium with leisure pool. This suspended element above the ground floor loosen the south tower making it ‘float’ above the garden.