Project Description

Exhibition design Japan House SP

Technical Data

Location: São Paulo, SP – Brazil

Type of construction: Exhibition design

Project beginning: 2023

Construction completion: 2023


Authors: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz

Creative director : Gabriel Mota

Managers: Gabriel Faria

Contributors: Carolina Hirata, Lucas Lima, Victor Lucena

Photographer: Victor Lucena

The work of the Japanese artist Tasuya Tanaka is a miniature universe where every detail comes to life. His tiny sculptures take center stage under domes arranged on two curved counters that capture the eye and allow visitors to circulate around each piece. The pieces rest on rotating bases, keeping them in continuous motion. Static lighting points create a constant transformation in the shadows of the sculptures, suggesting to the visitor a pause to contemplate the full three-dimensionality of each work from different perspectives.

Some larger pieces receive individual displays, providing a special focus for the more imposing works. And, making the visit even more interactive, the pieces can be viewed from different heights, thanks to the curved benches that intertwine with the counters.

In addition to the fluidity of space, the simplicity of the design of the displays was the starting point. They are slim, with thin white lines, created not to compete with Tanaka’s detailed and colorful sculptures.


Design sketches